LPG and its Benefits

LPG and its Benefits

LPG and Its Benefits

LPG has been a new trend taking over the world with its convenience and usage. There are a lot of factors that make LPG a choice of fuel for the new generations, an energy source that offers much more than just energy.  It is a fuel of convenience for anyone that does not have access to natural gas, be it households, or commercial eateries or businesses.

Some of the benefits of LPG are:

Less in Price

LPG is a source of energy that is being sold at a much cheaper rate than other fuels, be it commercial or industrial. 1 kilo of LPG equals 1.25 liters of Petrol-therefore it is a cheaper and more environment friendly option than petrol for motorists. Similarly, it is cheaper than diesel and more efficient than Furnace Oil.

Controllable flame

LPG offers great value in terms of managing the amount of heat one requires for cooking or other industrial purposes as it can be controlled with just a twist of the burner controller. This way one can rest assured that it has been adjusted according to the desired need.

Fast cooking

LPG flame has a higher calorific value than other fuels including Sui Gas, which leads to faster cooking time.

Kitchen Cool

LPG burners are used for cooking purpose with low temperatures in the kitchen.


LPG has a very low amount of Sulphur and other harmful elements that is why it is considered to the most eco-friendly fossil fuels. LPG emits far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fuels. This quality of LPG is a big advantage as people are now more concerned about their environment.


LPG comes in cylinders which are compact and easy to keep in the kitchen as well as outdoors as compared to traditional fuels like charcoal, wood chips, kerosene oil etc.


Unlike Sui Gas, LPG is not dependent on pipeline and is easily delivered to your doorstep.

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