Auto Gas

NOOR LPG established and commissioned Pakistan’s first ever Auto gas Station in the city of Sialkot in August 2010. The outlet has an installed storage capacity of 4 metric tons with plans to increase it to 8 metric tons.

LPG Equipment including the double nozzle Eurostar dispenser and SIHI pump have been purchased from M/s Euro pump of Turkey. The station has a vehicle conversion facility with the ability to convert both three and four wheelers on LPG and has the capacity to refuel up to 200 vehicles daily.

Comparison of Auto gas to Alternative Fuels

LPG is a major alternative fuel to petrol, diesel, and CNG. A comparison of fuels shows that overall LPG is superior to its substitutes.


Fuel CharacteristicPetrolDieselCNGLPG
Urban Air PollutionModerate to low emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Low particle (PM) emissionsHigh NOx, low HC emissions. High PM emissions relative to other fuels even with reduced sulphur levels. By far the highest adverse impact on public health.HC (methane) emissions can be high. Moderate to low NOx. Very low PM.Low Nox and moderate to low HC emissions. Very low PM.
Global Warming (Greenhouse)Moderate CO2, low methane (CH4) emissions.Lower CO2, low CH4 and HC. Airborne PM may increase global warming. High NOx levels may result in elevated N20 emissions.Potentially lowest CO2 of all fuels, but this can be offset by the very high greenhouse impact of methane (CH4) emissions from these engines.Tailpipe CO2 emissions lie between petrol and diesel. Lifecycle CO2 comparable to diesel, lower than petrol and CNG. Negligible CH4 emissions.
Engine NoiseLowHighLowLow
ApplicationLowest cost fuel system, so attractive for cars and light commercials.Complex high pressure fuel system increases cost, but most fuel efficient. Very durable and reliable in heavy duty applications.High cost and limited range. Preclude use in light duty vehicles and in areas where there is no pipeline gas.Cost, range and on road performance equivalent to petrol in light duty vehicles. Engines now available for buses and medium trucks. Not constrained to depot-based operations.
Retail AvailabilityNationally AvailableNationally AvailableLimitedNationally Available