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NOOR LPG has been providing clean and affordable energy since 2005. Starting with a base of 10 distributors from its hometown of Lahore, Pakistan, the Company’s network has grown to over 100 plus distributors servicing the needs of customers all over the country. In August 2010 the company established and successfully commissioned Pakistan’s first Auto gas station in the city of Sialkot. The same year Noor LPG also commenced supplies of bulk deliveries to industrial and commercial customers. In addition to having firm LPG supply commitments from Local LPG Producers, Noor LPG regularly imports the product to meet the demand of its customers. With its dedicated network of LPG Distributors, LPG bowzers and bobtails, a growing cylinder infrastructure, commitment to quality products and focus on safety, NOOR LPG is the preferred LPG supplier for individuals and businesses alike.

Storage & Bottling Plant

District Sheikhupura: The plant set up in 2004 has an installed storage capacity of 100 Metric Tons and a bottling capacity of 60 Metric Tons per day. The facility is fully compliant with internationally approved HSE policies and standards, has received accreditations from Moody’s and is ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified. (Pls add picture of the Plant next to this instead of the picture of 200 kg tanks)

Auto gas Station

NOOR LPG established and commissioned Pakistan’s first Autogas Station in the city of Sialkot in 2010. The outlet has an installed storage capacity of 4 metric tons with plans to increase it to 8 metric tons. The station has a vehicle conversion facility with the capability to convert both three and four wheelers to LPG and can refuel up to 200 vehicles daily.
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