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Commercial Businesses Turning to LPG

By Wasim Sarwar on Apr 16 in Blogs. 1754 Comments



Commercial Businesses Turning to LPG

Importance of an element cannot be ignored or negated when masses come in contact with its utility. Such is the case with LPG in Pakistan after its sale and usage has skyrocketed in the past decade.

Both residential and commercial consumers have the option to switch from conventional energy sources to LPG, be it for heating, combustion or powering automobiles. LPG has become a pivotal source of energy in the current era, where millions of people around the globe are giving up costly, inefficient and hazardous means of energy and converting to LPG.

Commercial Avenues

LPG is used as a gas but is stored as a liquid in a cylinder and can be easily transported. Pressurized cylinders contain this portable and clean fuel which is distributed to far-flung, remote as well as urban areas.

Industrial usage has increased not just on large-scale, but also among small-scale businesses, owing to non-availability of natural gas (Sui) pipeline networks and infrastructure.

Restaurants, eateries, processing units, agriculture, welding, and automobiles are a few examples where LPG is widely used.

Environmental Benefits

LPG is an environment-friendly fuel and emits extremely low levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike other fossil fuels, it produces no soot, does not leave any unburned residue or give off smoke and promotes a cleaner quality of air.

This is the main reason why more households, especially in rural areas, are switching to LPG for their cooking and heating needs.


Wasim Sarwar