Safety Measures for LPG

Safety Measures for LPG

Safety Measures for LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is becoming an increasingly popular fuel due to shortage and unavailability of natural (SUI) gas. The product has made its way to both, household and commercial consumers including restaurants, businesses and industries. LPG is a mixture of Propane & Butane, stored as a liquid but delivered as a gas.
It is primarily used for cooking, space and water heating, as a fuel source for numerous industries as well as an automotive fuel. Globally there are more vehicles operating on LPG than CNG, making it both a safer and economical fuel for the motorist.
LPG is colorless and odorless, and in order to detect a leak, a substance known as Ethyl Mercaptan is added to it which has a pungent smell.
LPG is highly flammable and therefore care must be adopted to ensure that it is handled safely. The safety of your family, of employees, and that of each stakeholder should be of prime importance.

Safe Handling of LPG Cylinders:

• Always read the instructions provided on the Safety Label of the Cylinder.
• Cylinders should always be kept in an upright position.
• Cylinders should always be kept in well-ventilated areas. DO NOT keep cylinders in the basement.
• Flexible Hose Pipes connecting the cylinder to the stove/appliance must be in good condition and without cracks or damage. Replace worn out pipes immediately.
• Never check for leaks with a match or open flame.
• Keep access to the cylinders unrestricted.
• Cylinders should not be rolled on the floor but must be tilted and rolled across (as shown in the diagram).

• DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) fire extinguishers should be kept nearby (in the case of commercial use of LPG by Restaurants and Industries)

Leak Detection

Due to the presence of Ethyl Mercaptan, an LPG leak can be easily detected. Another way to check for leaks is to use a soap solution on the area around the valve. In case bubbles begin to form, it means there is a leak.
In the event of a leak the following steps must be adopted:
• Turn off the LPG Regulator.
• Disconnect the Cylinder and keep it in an open space with access to ventilation.
• Do not turn on any electric switches or light a flame.
• Call your LPG Dealer or in the event of a fire call the Fire Ambulance.

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