Why is LPG the Preferred Fuel for Restaurants?

Why is LPG the Preferred Fuel for Restaurants?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a highly efficient and versatile energy source for different sectors. But for restaurants, LPG is a complete game-changer.

Some of the most renowned chefs in the food industry agree that cooking with LPG is superior to other fuel sources. Guess what? LPG is known to enhance the taste of food as well.

Today, nearly 80% of the countries across the globe prefer LPG as the primary cooking fuel. Did you know? In 2021, Malaysia produced 2.7 million metric tons of LPG. Since 2003, the production of LPG increasing in the country.

Countries are identifying the advantages and the potential LPG holds. The global demand for LPG expects to augment in the future, especially for the food industry.

But are you confused as to why LPG is a preferred fuel source for restaurants? Let’s dig in to explore the benefits it holds.

Why Restaurants Love LPG?

In the hospitality industry, anything can go wrong. Chefs rely on their appliances and the power these utensils run on. LPG can promise a continuous fuel supply to make proper food!

Here are the top 5 benefits of LPG for restaurants:

Continuous Heat Supply

Time and efficiency matter in the food sector. Each customer expects their food to cook perfectly. Meeting these standards, continuous heat supply is necessary. LPG provides instant heat that distributes evenly around the pots.

Easy to Control

Chefs need appliances that are not difficult to use. Gas stoves can change the game when it comes to running operations smoothly. LPG cylinders are easy to handle, allowing chefs to control the temperature.

Enhanced Flavor

LPG provides gas rings that distribute heat evenly. When your meat, for instance, cooks with even heat, the taste enhances significantly. It also adds moisture making food juicy.


The cost incurred through electricity is way higher as compared to gas cylinders. It helps restaurants to save costs and run everything with efficacy.


LPG is one of the most cost-effective fuel solutions for restaurants. It promises sufficient gas to run business smoothly. Being an independent energy source, restaurants can meet their requirements seamlessly.