Liquefied Petroleum Gas: How LPG Can Be an Eco-friendlier Option?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas: How LPG Can Be an Eco-friendlier Option?

While the entire world struggles with carbon levels and energy poverty, the use of LPG can set us up on the right path to a more sustainable future. Presently, LPG is considered essential to reducing carbon emissions from burning traditional fuels like petroleum. 

Due to pollution growth, it is predicted that by the end of 2022, approx. Four hundred million people will not access modern energy reservoirs and sources. Therefore, the development and use of LPG can be a valuable alternative to tackle energy poverty and environmental footprint problems. 

Additionally, Autogas’s Paul Oxford says, “companies that operate large fleets are increasingly looking to switch to gas as part of an environmental and corporate responsibility package, having recognized LPG’s green credentials.”

So, what environmental reasons drive people and companies to switch from oil and other traditional fuels to LPG?

Common Benefits of Using LPG

  • LPG is way cleaner than other fossil fuels and improves overall air quality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, LPG emits 15% less CO2 than kerosene, 25% less than heavy fuel oil (HFO), and 29% less than gas oil.
  • When LPG is combined with other efficient gas burners, the CO2 savings are even higher, reaching 30-50%.
  • Moreover, LPG produces no soot; it doesn’t pose a risk to soil and groundwater and emits lower nitrogen and sulfur oxides (NOx and SOx) than most other fuels.
  • Switching to LPG also reduces degradation emergencies and deforestation.
  • Of the many benefits of LPG, it is preferred over other energy sources because it is easy to transport and has lower maintenance requirements.  

In a Nutshell 

With all of the talk about clean energy lately, it’s hard not to think about other forms of energy-efficient fuel sources. However, LPG might be one of the most viable alternatives. 

Now that you’ve read through our thorough study, you’ve probably noticed many benefits to using LPG. And if you haven’t, ask yourself the following question: is any other fuel applicable to business and personal use? If the answer’s yes, you’ll want to start looking into LPG as fuel for your business.