LPG – The Convenient Fuel for Ramadan for Restaurants and Road Side Vendors

LPG – The Convenient Fuel for Ramadan for Restaurants and Road Side Vendors

Do you know LPG is now a highly preferable fuel for cooking? Yes, after natural gas, liquified petroleum gas is preferred in Pakistan. After all, it’s convenient, easy to control, and cost-effective.

Nearly 80% of the countries prefer LPG usage across the globe. They have shifted from natural gas and charcoal as primary cooking fuel to LPG. Here is an interesting fact! Since 2003, Malaysia has produced more than 2.7 million metric tons of LPG. They incline towards LPG over any other fuel for cooking.

LPG is an efficient source of energy with highly versatile usage. And restaurants are a prime example of its use. Did you know that during the holy month of Ramadan, LPG becomes the principal source of fuel for restaurants and roadside vendors?

Roadside vendors believe LPG is convenient to carry and manage round the clock. Even the restaurants with better setup are opting for liquified petroleum gas. The main reason can be the on and off load shedding of natural gas. And restaurants cannot bear such load shedding, especially during peak hours.

LPG Usage on the Rise in Food Courts in Malls

LPG is not just famed for roadside vendors. It is a preferable fuel source for the food courts in the shopping malls and plazas. They find it way easier to carry LPG around and use with convenience.

Restaurants and roadside vendors choose LPG because of the following reasons:

Prompt Cooking

Time is a luxury that roadside vendors can’t afford. They have to manage the orders and serve their customers quickly. It implies to restaurants as well. Since LPG provides instant and continuous heat distribution, cooking food becomes faster.

Easy Controlling

Many dishes are temperature sensitive. In contrast to natural gas, LPG can controllability is way better. Their cylinders are easy to handle, thus allowing the chefs to control temperature accordingly.

Enriched with Flavors

Of course, we are not talking about the flavor of LPG itself. However, it enhances the overall taste of the food while cooking. When the cooking pan gets adequately distributed heat, the flavor of the food enhances. It makes the meat extra juicy and tender.

Pocket-Friendly Solution

With electric stoves, be ready to drill a hole in your pocket. However, LPG is way cost-effective solution. Similar to natural gas as a source for cooking, LPG is also a pocket-friendly fuel for cooking in restaurants. Especially during Ramadan, the roadside vendors can easily afford it.

LPG A Game Changer for Restaurants and Street Vendors

Liquified Petroleum Gas is easy to control, efficient to handle, a pocket-friendly solution, and enriches the flavor of the food. But what is more interesting is the availability of the gas round the clock.

LPG is easily available and has no load shedding issues like natural gas. It is a complete game-changer for street vendors for being a portable solution. Due to portability, they can carry it around. What else any food maker will need?