Preparing for Natural Gas Shortage in Winter- Be LPG ready

Preparing for Natural Gas Shortage in Winter- Be LPG ready

As soon as October starts there’s a feeling of relief from the heat – but at the same time it comes with the stress of the upcoming gas load shedding. We all know that winter is ahead for gas consumers and the energy crisis will worsen every year due to unavailability of Natural Gas.

No matter what measures you take – one does suffer a lot due to gas load shedding. Electric heaters can be costly, electric stoves don’t offer the same taste of food, people in Pakistan prefer and using less energy in the freezing cold definitely doesn’t sound like a great option.

We are at that point of the year when we have to start planning our gas supply for the Winter. With various other options, LPG has always proven to be the best alternative. 

It is reasonable

with a higher heating value, LPG will cost you less than what electronic alternatives would.

It is convenient

if you have a reliable LPG supplier like Noor LPG, buying cylinders and refilling them or having your tanks topped up will be no hassle for you at all. You can get it all done from the comfort of your home and only a few taps on your laptop!

It is versatile

LPG is used for heating and cooking. It is equally important to a household, as it is to a restaurant or an industry.

It is available

Unlike Natural Gas, LPG is not dependant on pipeline supplies and can be made available anywhere at all times.

Lastly LPG is more environmentally friendly than other sources of energy. Though all energy sources will release carbon dioxide, when compared to oil, LPG only releases 81% of the carbon dioxide that oil does. When compared to coal, another energy option, LPG only releases 70% of the carbon dioxide.

Make your Winters easier this year with Noor LPG!