LPG Being the Preferred Fuel for Food and Beverage Industry

LPG Being the Preferred Fuel for Food and Beverage Industry

With the ever growing gas load shedding in Pakistan it becomes extremely challenging to meet  the expectations of customers in the food and beverage industry. Whether you are a small scale business owner or a factory owner, the need for a reliable and affordable energy supplier is always a problem.

This is where LPG comes in, here’s why LPG has become the preferred fuel for the food and beverage industry

A Constant Supply of Heat and Energy

Imagine having your next order in the oven on a winter afternoon and the gas goes out, you cannot risk letting your customers suffer. With a reliable LPG supplier you can find cylinders of several sizes and ensure that your energy supply is stored for as long as you need. With everything being digital, ordering a cylinder to your doorstep is as easy as eating cake!

Solutions for Sub Sectors

The solutions LPG provides are not only restricted to cooking or baking but many other sectors benefit from it. In the manufacture of beverages, LPG powers the production of CO2 used to carbonate soft drinks. It is also consumed in the dehydration of food products such as milk, coffee and chocolate to form instant powders; and the Steam from LPG combustion is widely used in the food industry as a heating medium, processing of pasta and yogurt, and in some cases a moisturizing agent.

Easier to Control

The heat, being the most crucial part in the food and beverages industries, with LPG it is easy to control. All sorts of food requires different sorts of temperatures to cook – LPG cylinders make it easier to distribute and control the amount of heat.

With all these benefits there is no question as to why food and beverage business owners prefer LPG, the only challenge they face is a reliable supplier. Noor LPG has been providing safe, clean and affordable LPG cylinders since 2005, offering an online store as well as same day deliveries to help you run your business better and faster.