Why choose NOOR LPG as your Supplier

Why choose NOOR LPG as your Supplier

LPG is now becoming extremely common in Pakistan, considering the constant shortage of natural gas and the coming winter. Choosing an LPG supplier for your home or business can be time consuming and confusing as well – you have to choose the right one before signing up with them to avoid any sort of hassle for yourself in the future. 

Before getting into a contract with an LPG Supplier, whether for your home or business, try to remember the following that can help you in choosing an LPG Supplier.


Always compare the prices of LPG suppliers – the rates surely do vary but you also don’t want to be ripped off just because it has now become a necessity to use LPG.


With everything going online people now focus more on convenience a brand offers. Noor LPG is one of the few LPG suppliers that offer a seamless experience through its online store and quick delivery service.


When you are running a business your vendors’ punctuality and timelines make all the difference – if your LPG supplier takes its sweet time to deliver your order, your business may suffer. Before you sign up with an LPG Supplier ensure they deliver within the time that suits you.

Customer Support

Before you choose your LPG supplier, ensure that you know how their customer service works. Choose a Supplier that has a team of professionals available to support your requirements.

Noor LPG has been providing safe, clean and affordable energy in Pakistan since 2005, and since then has been working on improving its experience for customers. From an online store, affordable rates to a seamless delivery process, Noor LPG covers all that you need in a reliable supplier!