Main Uses of LPG

Main Uses of LPG

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) has both home and industrial uses. Notably, it is known for playing an important role in industrial applications such as powering furnaces, ovens, and heating tools. LPG also supercharges fleet vehicles, farm engines, and forklifts. 

In the domestic context, LPG supports heating and cooking activities that keep households running especially during harsh winters. Many consumers now use LPG as an alternative to petrol and diesel because it burns better, is more energy-efficient, portable, environmentally friendly, and affordable.

Here are some key uses of LPG:


Gas for cooking is a major reason why LPG usage is popular in homes. Although gas cooktops and ovens are the most common, outdoor gas BBQs are on the rise as well. There is better control over moisture content, reducing the chances of food drying out. 

Metal Melting

When melting metal like aluminum, you need a fuel like LPG that gives higher temperatures. This gas allows you to save around 10-25% of power consumption. There is also lesser contamination as LPG makes for a clean-burning fuel. It generates consistent heat to increase the lifespan of the metal.

Generating Steam

When drying seeds, it is necessary to heat water using boilers, and you need to produce steam for such an application. Although some consumers utilize wood, it is an ineffective method and contributes to pollution. In comparison, LPG is a greener technique with relatively superior heat transfer abilities.


Utilizing LPG as a refrigerant has almost become an everyday practice in most homes. This is due to the fact that propane and butane significantly save energy, making LPG a great source of hydrocarbon. 

Heat Treatment

This refers to the meticulous process of heating and cooling specific materials to attain the preferred properties. Considering the high calorific value of LPG and its temperature control capabilities, it is a quality fuel for heat treatment purposes. This also improves productivity because employees can process extra batches in minimal time.