LPG vs Induction Stove – Which Is Better?

LPG vs Induction Stove – Which Is Better?

LPG is a high calorific value and low carbon fuel. It is an industrial fuel and a highly efficient cooking fuel, preferred at homes, hotels, and restaurants.

On the other hand, an induction stove uses magnetic properties with an electric current to cook. Many people believe it to be the best source of fuel. However, others prefer LPG due to its operating cost.

The inductive stove needs the power to function while the LPG is always available in the cylinder. An induction stove is a modern way of cooking, limited to homes mostly. While, LPG is an old cooking technique used for commercial purposes as well.

Let’s compare both to conclude the case!

LPG vs Induction Stove

Here are the key factors to differentiate the both:

·         Cooking Ease

With an induction stove, you experience limitations while cooking. You cannot prepare multiple dishes at the same time. The rate of food preparation is also low.

With LPG operating stove, you can enjoy the options. You can prepare multiple dishes with nearly 2x the speed.

·         Maintenance

An induction stove is a high-maintenance cooking device. Its repairing and servicing charges are also costly. With time, the stove’s laser heat per wattage needs maintenance with replacements.

LPG, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance, where cylinders are refillable. The efficiency of LPG remains the same. Replacement is also not costly.

·         Learning the Use

Learning the induction stove is not easy. Temperature setup while cooking is different, where you need to adjust it as per the food after every few minutes.

LPG is a familiar concept where the cooking process gas range is not difficult to understand. You don’t have to wait for the cooking element to cool down or heat up.

·         Heating Capability

The induction stove revolves around a localized heating process. The heating mechanism happens at the center of the utensil. It sometimes leaves the sides of the food raw while cooking.

But with an LPG gas stove, the cooking control is trouble-free. The food gets a uniform heat supply, leaving the food fully cooked. The taste is also great!

·         Cost Effectiveness

The electric consumption with an induction stove is way too much. It consumes the highest watts of electricity when used multiple times a day.

Electric consumption with LPG is nil. It uses gas to work, and hence no electric needs are necessary. It is a way more cost-effective solution compared to an induction stove.

Final Verdict

With such a comparative analysis, it is safe to say that Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a better solution compared to an induction stove.

The induction stove is portable; however, you need a power supply to use. LPG is also portable but heavy to lift regularly. With the induction stove, you can plug it to utilize it. However, with the LPG, you have to make the setup.

But these few benefits of an induction stove cannot overpower the convenience of LPG gas. Its usability is also diversified, while induction stove is limited to homes only.