Non-Availability of Sui Gas: Why LPG is the Ideal Fuel for High Rise Building?

Non-Availability of Sui Gas: Why LPG is the Ideal Fuel for High Rise Building?

The annual gas crisis has pushed the public to the verge of no longer loving the winter weather. Continuous load shedding of the Sui gas during the season makes life miserable. Who wants to take a cold bath after a tiring day in winter?

It is something one can cherish only in summers.

So, what’s the solution? Let’s find out!

Challenges of Fuel for High Rise Building

The researchers at UCL Energy Institute claim that residential buildings use more energy per square meter. The taller they are, the more energy consumption would be. The usage of the gas increases significantly with the height.

UCL confirms that gas usage increases by 40% with high-rise buildings. But what is the reason for such an issue?

The higher we go; the air temperature drastically decreases with increased average wind speed. Tall rise buildings are exposed to strong wind currents and face the direct sun for long hours. Therefore, the energy required for them will increase.

Alternatives to Sui Gas

So, what to do when living in a high-rise apartment? One must look for an alternative to natural gas.

The alternatives here can be coal, wood, electricity, and LPG. But there is still an issue! You can cook on coal and wood, but what about the geyser? You cannot switch your geyser to coal or wood, and therefore these alternatives are limited.

What about electricity? This medium as fuel can cook and keep your shower water hot. But what about the increased electric bills? And then continuous electric load shedding. You are cooking, and your food remains half-cooked due to an electric crisis. It’s a nightmare!

LPG As A Reliable Alternative

So, with so many technicalities, Liquid Petroleum Gas, i.e., LPG, is the most reliable solution. Nearly 80% of the countries in the world prefer LPG over natural gas. The most prominent example is Malaysia which switched to LPG and produces 2.7 million metric tons of the said fuel.

There are hundreds of reasons to switch to LPG, but the most prominent ones are:

  • Easy To Maintain in High Rise Buildings

The matter of gas revolves around the tall buildings and apartments. But when you have your own LPG cylinder, the issue gets resolved. You need to switch on the cylinder and enjoy a continuous gas supply.

  • Prompt Management

When you switch on your LPG cylinder for cooking, you can get instant and continuous heat supply in a controlled manner. The dynamics are the same for geysers as well.

LPG – A Hassle-free Lifestyle

Now enjoy your winters without the fear of eating cold food and shower with chilly water. LPG promises a reliable solution with continuous heat throughout. Just don’t forget to refill your LPG cylinders!