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What is Cylinder Sweating and How to Tackle this Issue

By ali on Apr 10 in Blogs. 21 Comments

Have you seen bubbles or water condensation around your cylinder? Is this leaving you puzzled and are you worried about safety? When using Noor LPG cylinders, you can be rest assured you have the highest safety in the industry, our cylinders are OGRA certified. So, what is cylinder sweating and how should you solve this challenge?

To convert the liquid into gas, there is a natural rate of withdrawal. When this rate of withdrawal is exceeded, the cylinder borrows heat from its surroundings and then when the rate of withdrawal returns to normal (or you stop using the cylinder), the cylinder surroundings cool down and this is when you see the condensation.

Why does this happen? It could happen for a variety of reasons but the most common ones are when you attach additional burners than initially planned for, when the initial plan was below the actual usage demand, or the pressure valves are not correctly fitted.

What should you do? Contact our team and schedule for them to come out and observe the cylinder sweating. Our team will examine the current set-up in your kitchen, talk to your staff and team and then determine the appropriate action steps. In most cases, the problem can be solved relatively quickly.

Should I be concerned? Cylinder sweating is not a safety hazard but you should certainly contact our team as soon as possible.