Preparing LPG users for the Winter

Preparing LPG users for the Winter

Winter has started and so has the need for an affective heating system, which means it’s a good time to think about how you’re going to take the edge off the cold when it really sets in.

For most areas in Pakistan warming the inside of the house isn’t the only concern – the gas loadshedding has increased to an extent that it also affects cooking practises in homes.

Here’s a few ways you can be prepared this Winter:

Check your gas supply timely

You probably filled your tank, but as the temperatures continue to dip, keep a watchful eye on your fuel supply levels. Check them regularly to ensure you’re never below the recommended 25% – so you are never out of fuel!

Utilize and upgrade to the latest tools and technology

Gas cylinders now come in several materials and variety – you don’t have to buy the same old cylinder that comes with the risk of an explosion or leakage. Noor LPG has designed fibre glass cylinders that are blast proof, safe and also affordable!

A well prepared kitchen

Winter calls for comfort food, hot chocolate, soups and veggies! To have a happy kitchen you need a fully equipped kitchen – be prepared for the unexpected loadshedding of gas when you want to cook your favourite Winter recipe with an LPG supplier that is always available for you.

Choose the right LPG supplier

Noor LPG has been providing safe, clean and affordable energy in Pakistan since 2005, and since then has been working on improving its experience for customers. From an online store, varous cylinder types and sizes, affordable rates to a seamless delivery process, Noor LPG covers all that you need in a reliable supplier!