Noor LPG

Why Use LPG

LPG is clean and burns very effectively, with very low carbon emissions and does not create black smoke. It does not leave messy soot so your cooking utensils can be cleaned easily.


LPG is an economical fuel source. It burns readily and gives off instant heat.The flame is visible and its size is easily controllable to meet your heating needs.


LPG is an energy rich fuel source with a higher calorific value per unit than other fuels including, coal, diesel, natural gas and petrol. An LPG flame burns hotter thus translating into higher efficiency.


LPG is portable and Its supply is not dependent on pipelines. It can be made available in the remotest of areas and it is easy to store an LPG cylinder.


LPG has more than 1000 applications and is the most widely used alternative to natural gas. It is used in cooking, heating, transportation, farming, commercial and industrial applications.