LPG Safety & Precautions - Noor LPG Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

LPG Safety & Precautions - Noor LPG Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

LPG is a colorless liquid that evaporates into a gas. It has no smell but an odor is added to it, for detecting a leak. It is heavier than air and can accumulate in low lying areas in case of inadequate ventilation. Below are the prescribed safety tips to be adopted by all customers using LPG

• Always keep cylinders in an upright position.

• Keep kitchen windows open to allow for ventilation.

• Always turn the Regulator valve off when cylinder is not in use.

• Check for gas leaks regularly by applying a soap solution to the cylinder. In the event soap bubbles begin to form,
this indicates a leak. Turn off the regulator, disconnect the cylinder and return it to your distributor.

• Do not check for leaks using matches or an open flame.